Hey, I’ll keep this short: Male, Portuguese, electronics enthusiast, knows some programming stuff and things.

Most of what you’ll find here is gadgets and electronics modifications i do to my stuff. You will also see some of the software I’ve made over the years, some unfinished, some ugly as a piece of s0m3th1ng, some finished but could be improve, others are marvelous wonders that I still don’t know how I accomplished.

In my blog I’ll also talk about subjects I think are important, like life stuff and stuff and stuff, completely random. The comment section is your friend.

I want you to see, learn from my mistakes, and help each other.

You’re wondering how you can help?

Here’s a list:

  1. Use the comment section;
  2. If it’s software, take a look at it, it’s all open source;
  3. If it’s hardware, I encourage you to make the project, there’s nothing to lose (just don’t blow up your house);
  4. Use your imagination, use this as inspiration.

That’s it. See you on the other side ❤